Fried Food Not Bad For Heart

I did a double take on this headline too! No it’s not a dream, it’s the truth!

If you’re like me, you are constantly either being judged or told not to eat so much fried stuff.Next time someone says that too you show them the results of a study in the British Medical Journal which tested 40,000 people. In the study there were 606 heart related incidents but of those half were on people that avoided fried food! Therefore the study concluded that there is no substantial evidence fried food is bad for the heart. Having said that, this is a country with dental plan (have you seen their teeth! LOL) So everything in moderation and make sure to check with doctor about your situation. Here’s more

  • thingsmybellylikes

    It’s not so much the frying, it’s the oils used. All too often people are using cheap, rancid vegetable oils when they could be using healthier alternatives like coconut oil or palm oil. Do your research and know your fats!

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