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Daily Dirty: Feb. 1, 2012

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Guess what “Dancing With The Stars” Alum wants to be the next BachelorDemi Moore is embarrassed about her public melt down, Justin Timerlake landed another Movie Role and Halle Berry is being forced to pay her ex’s legal fees.

Chaz Bono wants to be the next Bachelor!  Mama Cher thinks it’s a bad idea HERE

Demi Moore is embarrassed by her public meltdown.  Poor thing!  Don’t worry about what other peeps think just get better!  HERE

Justin Timberlake landed another movie role!  Guess that means still no music for 2012.  HERE

Halle Berry is being forced to pay her ex’s legal fees while they sort out their custody issue and his anger management.  HERE

Houston wants to build a Beyonce statue in her honor.  Kinda cool huh?  HERE

The cast of “The Jersey Shore” may be heading to Australia or Vegas.  Please don’t let it be Vegas!  That would be out of control.  HERE

Is Snooki preggers!?!?!  HERE

Joan Rivers revealed that she used smoke weed with Betty White!!!!  Used to? hehehe  HERE

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