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Daily Dirty: Feb. 21, 2012

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Listen to Rihanna and Chris Brown’s NEW callaboration…DIRTY!!!!  Simon Cowell wants “Battle Of The Voices”, and how far do Beyonce and Jay Z go to protect their daughter?

Rihanna and Chris Brown have come together to create a couple remixes that leave little to the imagination.  Are these two close to getting back together or what?  I don’t care if Chris Brown has a girlfriend I swear it’s a cover up.


(Side Note: A Comedian offers $1,000 to the first person that beats up Chris Brown.  HERE)

Simon Cowell has a new genius idea he’s calling, “battle of the voices”Bringing X-Factor, American Idol, and The Voice together.  HERE

Beyonce and Jay Z have people wear surgical masks and gloves around their daughter.  HERE

Lady Gaga’s Man landed a starring role in new NBC TV show.  HERE

Rihanna got so drunk at her Bday party that she couldn’t perform the next day. 4 bottles of tequila!  HERE

Jeremy Lin wanted to copy right “Linsanity” but someone already did.  HERE

Kim Kardashian’s next man is going to have to go through Bruce JennerHERE


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