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Daily Dirty: Feb. 28, 2012

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Did Ryan Seacrest know that Sacha Baron Cohen was going to dump ashes all over him?  Rihanna goes above and beyond for the people she loves even if it is Chris Brown, AND did Miley Cyrus get down and dirty under a table at the Vanity Fair party?

Ryan Seacrest had no idea he was going to get ashes dumped all over him but he did have a bad feeling about the interview.  HERE

Rihanna wants to help Katy Perry find a man.  HERE    AND is standing by Chris Brown while he’s investigated for the cell phone stealing situation.  HERE

Rumor has it that Miley Cyrus and her man Liam Hemsworth got it on underneath of a table at the Vanity Fair Party.  GUTSY!  HERE

Katy Perry spent how much money on cooking classes?  HERE

Get a taste of Lin-SanityHERE

Uma Thurman is expecting her 3rd child.  HERE

The CW cast their Young Carrie BradshawHERE

Jennifer Anniston has a new puppy named Sophie.  HERE

Paula Dean dropped 2 pant sizes.  HERE


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