How Do You Tell A Parent You’re Going To Do Something They Don’t Approve Of?

How do you feel about tattoos!?!?  This topic came up after we talked about a woman that allowed her 11 year old daughter to get a tattoo!  I’m not one to tell people how to parent their children but 11 years old is waaaaaaaay too young.  Not only is it morally wrong but it’s also illegal and she has been arrested.  You can read that story HERE.  Her daughter was 11 so she should have said no! Meanwhile, I’m 30 and my Dad is saying no to tattoos.

I’ve joked around over the years at different family functions about getting a tattoo and my Dad has always told me that is the one thing I’m not allowed to do.  I’m a total Daddy’s girl.  I respect my Dad and love him more then anything so I don’t want to do anything to upset him but we’re going to have to find a way to come to some sort of understanding in regards to me and tattoos.  I always knew I wanted one but I never wanted anything bad enough to make it an issue.  Now, I know what I want and where I want it.  It’s time to have a conversation.

My Dad is pretty stubborn so if his mind is made up about something he doesn’t usually budge.  I have a good argument though.  I have commitment issues, that he’s fully aware of, so hopefully he’ll realize the significance of the words I plan to put on my back.  Just the fact that I want to commit forever to a tattoo is a big deal for me!  With my Dad it’s going to be all about timing.  I’ve got my Mom on my side so she’ll help me feel him out.  So many of you guys told me just to do it but I think he would be even more upset if I did it without telling him.  Baltazar has been no help at all since he doesn’t think I should do it.   I’ll keep you posted!  I’m going to call him everyday until I catch him in a good mood.  Wish me luck!



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