Liam Hemsworth Fights Man In Street

Miley Cyrus’ fiancé isn’t a pushover, and after someone threw a rock at him and his friends, things definitely got rocky.

At the time of the incident, Liam Hemsworth had just left a bar in Philadelphia on Sunday morning when someone allegedly threw the rock.

It’s unclear what happened next, but in the video obtained by TMZ, Liam can be seen restraining a man on the ground who is hanging on his leg. Liam then reportedly punched him in the face and shoved his face to the ground. The video itself is terrible, so whether or not this actually transpired is yet to be proved. Watch it here.

Cops arrived quickly on the scene and Liam dispersed without being charged.

TMZ spoke with the beat up man after the incident and he was reluctant to give an interview, stating, “I’m not really trying to start anything.”

So will a lawsuit follow? Likely not, but anything is possible.

-Ashley Quadros, CBS Local

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