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Is There Something Wrong With A Woman That Isn’t Married By 30?

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Nina Nina
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Baltazar managed to put his foot in his mouth this morning after I shared a theory I saw on twitter.  I was scrolling through twitter this morning, like I do every morning, and stumbled across a tweet that said, “If a woman isn’t married or in a relationship by the age of 30, they’re bad in bed”.  Maybe they’re too good!  Maybe they just aren’t ready to settle!  What about a man that isn’t married or in a relationship at 30?  What does that say about him?  Of course this tweet came from a dude.

I read the tweet to Balt and without skipping a beat he says, “yeah, there’s something wrong”.  At that moment I had to remind him that I’m 30 and single.  The look on his face was priceless!  He knew what was coming.  He tried to back peddle and point out that I’m a career driven woman and that’s clearly getting in the way of my relationships.  haha!  Thank you for the diagnosis Dr. Balt.  He’s right but there’s nothing “WRONG” with that.  The phones blew up at that point.  Women aren’t knocked up and barefoot in the kitchen at 30 anymore.  If you are, that’s awesome!  A lot of my friends are.  BUT if you’re not, do YOU.  That’s what I always say.


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