Would A Foot Fetish Freak You Out?

Would a foot fetish freak you out?  What if it was Bradley Cooper asking to get up close and personal with your toes?  Apparently the foot thing was a little too much for a model he was briefly dating.  Sources say Bradley would go as far as to ask her to send him photos of her feet!  Instead, she decided to use her feet to run.  Baltazar was freaked out by his love of feet.  I think it’s pretty mild compared to a lot of other weird things I’ve run into out there.

I told this story on the air but in case you missed it…. I used to date a guy that needed to talk about babies to get himself in the mood.  It really freaked me out!  I let it go for awhile but finally it was just too much.  He would ONLY bring up the topic when it came time to get physical.  He would talk about how beautiful our babies would be and go on about how he wanted a little girl with my eyes.  Talk about distracting for me!!!  The last thing I was trying to do in that moment was make a baby.  We were out having cocktails with some friends one night and I decided to ask him about it.  He actually had the nerve to look at me and say, “what are you talking about?  I want kids one day, but not now.”  I’m sure at that point he came to the conclusion that I was the crazy girl trying get a ring or something.  Dude was really cool and super hot BUT this was definitely too weird for me.

Have you ever encountered a weird fetish?


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