Is Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction?

What would One Direction be like without Zayn Malik? We might know soon enough. He hasn’t officially stated he is leaving the popular boy band, but insiders connected to Celeb Buzz speculate it may happen.

“There is growing concern among the bosses that Zayn is on the brink at the moment,” a source told Celeb Buzz.

As One Direction’s popularity continues to grow, Zayn Malik’s happiness continues to decline (or so it seems).

Recently Zayn was accused of cheating on his girlfriend Perrie Edwards with an Australian stripper, and although the couple has worked through the allegations, Zayn is struggling with all the attention being famous brings.

“He feels that the last six months have been his toughest yet in the band. Even before the cheating scandal, Zayn was steering clear of nights out with his bandmates and sometimes would skip media events. He has been quite low at several points when being away for key family celebrations. But his pals have cheered him up. People forget he is the shyest member.”

Along with missing family events and dealing with the cheating allegations, Zayn also reportedly feels he has to be a good role model for his younger fans, and when you have the paparazzi following you at every moment of the day, when do you get time to be yourself?

“Every step 1D makes is scrutinized and judged by the public and media,” said the insider. “Their reputation as role models to teens is also weighing heavy on his shoulders as it is not natural for him to be bright, bubbly and smiley twenty-four seven. All of the boys to a certain extent feel that things have changed since they became so huge. They used to have fun together wherever they went, but now the novelty has worn off and the reality of 1D being a round-the-clock job is sinking in.”

To top off the signs Zayn may be quitting the band, last night he tweeted:

Granted, this could just be a simple goodnight, but earlier this week he also thanked his fans for their support:

Hopefully Zayn will keeping moving forward with his band, but if he calls it quits, let’s hope he’s happier.

-Ashley Quadros, CBS Local


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