Mila Kunis Talks Nudity, Ashton In Allure Magazine

Mila Kunis is looking AMAZING in the new Allure Magazine!

When asked about her rumored boyfriend Ashton, Mila says:

“People change. So who you knew years ago is not necessarily the person that you [know now]…. And who somebody was yesterday is very different from who they will be tomorrow.”

“You can go either way,” she says. “You can be in a relationship. Or you could be having fun.”

For her role in Black Swan:

“Unfortunately, the only way I could play a ballerina was to look like a ballerina,” by which she means “fit and bony.” By the end of filming, the five-foot-five actress was down to 100 pounds, 20 below her normal weight. “People took that story and f***ing flew with that one, too.” The media, the actress has suggested in a previous interview, had somehow decided that she had become far too skinny—maybe suspiciously, dangerously skinny.

On nudity in films:

“I showed side boob. I don’t need to show a**” is how Kunis puts it. “You get one or the other. You don’t need both.”

Read more of her interview and see the pics of Mila HERE


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