Carrie Underwood Makes Birthday Rules For Turning 30

Happy Birthday, Carrie Underwood! Or should we say, Happy 1st Anniversary?

This Sunday, March 10th, Carrie Underwood turns the big 3-0, but she’s not viewing her big day quite like most would.

For someone who has enjoyed her 20s, she’s decided she’s not leaving them. So instead of celebrating turning 30, she’s celebrating being 29 for the second time.

“It’s actually not my birthday,” explained Carrie to Country Weekly and other reporters. “It is the first anniversary of my 29th birthday. So it’s more of an anniversary celebration than a birthday. I mean, I’ll still, like, blow out candles and stuff ’cause, you know, I want my wish, but it’s not a birthday.”

And for someone who is denying it being her “birthday,” she’s still making sure her “anniversary” is special.

“I’m totally gonna splurge, and I made sure my husband’s takin’ me out for a date night, ’cause we haven’t had one ’cause we’ve both been away from each other!” she said. “But I just want to be a glutton and have a cupcake at the end!”

Have a Happy-Not-Turning-30-Anniversary-Birthday, Carrie!

-Ashley Quadros,


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