Make Sure You Have Good Karma Going Into 2014

Do you believe in Karma?  I totally do.  What goes around comes around, and it’s not too late to do a little bit of damage control.  Dropping toxic people (excess baggage) and understanding that “NO” is a full sentence are big ones for me.

Here is the list of ways to get your good Karma going in 2014, inspired by

1. Lose toxic people, frenemies, and anyone who brings you down.  Don’t be afraid to unfriend the backstabbers.

2. Right your wrongs.  Did you do something wrong in 2013 that you need to fess up to?  Apologize.  Repair friendships.  You will feel like a new you.

3. Stop trying to change your partner.  Nobody’s perfect, and your guy will never live up to unrealistic standards.  At the same time, if someone’s not interested in you, it’s time to let them go.

4. It’s okay to say “no.”  Don’t be a doormat.  It’s healthy to express your own needs and expect that others will respect them.

5. Take stock of your life.  Be fearless in making lists and personal journaling to understand yourself and your goals: they are great self-help tools.

6. Use daily affirmations to encourage positive thinking.

Read more in the Cosmopolitan article here.


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