Is Madonna The Worst Mom In The World?

Madonna is not exactly receiving rave reviews for her parenting. The prominent Mamas Latinas blog has called her the “Most Embarrassing Mom EVER.”

But do Madonna’s actions over the last several months and years make her the worst mom in the world? TMZ posed that question via Twitter last month:

The latest controversy is that Madonna posted a photo on her Instagram account of her son David Banda, eight, wearing a grill and captioned, “Someone stole my Grilzzzzzzz!!!”

Some are criticizing Madonna for the move. A USA Today editorial asks the question, “So what exactly is the right age for a grill?”

The grill is purely ornamental and is a well established part of “gangsta” culture. Krunk Grillz of South Florida states that the “grillz” are for “real street hustlas,” according to their website.

David also recently accompanied his mom to the Grammys. The duo were adorable, but this time Madonna captioned the photo with “Pimpin the red carpet with Banda! #PerfectDate #revolutionoflove.”

Is “pimpin’” really something you do with your child, and is this kind of media exposure too much too soon for an eight-year-old?

Some might argue that these instances are tame enough. Clearly Madonna loves her son. However, more serious lapses of judgment occurred with her other son, thirteen-year-old Rocco.
As we reported last month, she caused a firestorm of controversy when she posted a picture of Rocco with friends on New Year’s Eve holding vodka and gin, captioning it, “The party has just begun! Bring it! 2014.”

Madonna quickly sought to allay the public’s concern with another Instagram message and photo, this time captioned, “No one was drinking we were just having fun! Calm down and get a sense of humor! Don’t start the year off with judgment!”

Yet many commenting on the post found it hard to “get a sense of humor” when it comes to images of young teens partying with hard liquor.

In another instance, Madonna referred to Rocco with the “n-word” in a caption of a photo she posted on Instagram of her son boxing. According to TMZ, the caption read, “”No one messes with Dirty Soap! Mama said knock you out! #disni**a.” The photo has now been deleted from her Instagram account.

And then there is Lourdes, now seventeen, who has been posting provocative selfies on her Instagram and Twitter accounts since she was fifteen. In one particularly infamous one, Lourdes, still 15, is seen wearing Madonna’s iconic cone bra, clutching the cones and sticking out her tongue. The photo can be seen at Mamas Latinas (Warning: Contains sensitive material).

While Madonna seems anxious to remain in the public eye, and doesn’t mind involving her kids to make it possible, at the end of the day she may be her own worst critic. According to VH1, Madonna called herself a “cr*p mother” in an interview with Isaac Mizrahi. She experiences “mommy guilt” and the struggle to balance work and family just like most parents:

“It is a struggle to balance my career with my children. I’m always going: ‘Oh God, I’m a cr*p mother.’ I want to get home and put my kids to bed. And then sometimes, if I’m spending a lot of time with my children, I think: ‘Oh God, I just want to be an artist.’”

Is Madonna the worst mom in the world, or do people need to lighten up?

– Lauren Chiong, KZZO/Sacramento


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