Birds Of Tokyo Fly Into Now 100.5 Studios, Receive Advice From The Beach Boys

Birds of Tokyo flew into the Now 100.5 studios yesterday, February 25. If you are unfamiliar with the band, you won’t be for long. They are internationally known and now they are making their name here in the US. And if you think they are from Tokyo based on their band name, think again!

They are actually from beautiful Perth, Australia, so why the name?

“When we were starting out, we wanted to trade under a band or name that was something, you know, something different to who we are as people and the band, just something completely removed from any idea of any sort of genre,” explained lead singer Ian Kenny. “So Birds of Toyko is what we came up with and it’s working.”

The group is currently living in Los Angeles, but whether or not it’s a permanent home has yet to be determined. In the meantime, they’ve been spreading their wings in the recording studio. While working on their newest album March Fires, they discovered The Beach Boys were working in the studio right next door to them!

They were ecstatic to say the least, but they never imaged they would actually get to meet anyone from the legendary band, and sure enough, Bruce Johnston just walked right inside their door.

“I think Kenny was doing a vocal, and he comes in and goes, ‘Okay, uh, so, you take the fourth and I’m gonna do this one,’” laughs guitarist Adam Spark.

“He just comes into our booth and starts calling harmonies,” added Kenny. “And were like ‘What is going on? This is insane!’”

And who would turn down music advice from a Beach Boy? All five band mates took in what Bruce Johnston had to say, and while they don’t know for sure what sparked Johnston’s interest in their band, they do know one thing: “he’s just a good dude.”

To hear the entire interview, including a comical remark Bruce Johnston made, listen below.

Preview the official video for “Lanterns” by Birds of Tokyo:

-Cody Briana & Ashley Quadros, KZZO/Sacramento


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