Kaley Cuoco Can’t Stand The Sound Of Her Own Voice

Kaley Cuoco is one of primetime’s comedy queens, starring as the character Penny on CBS’s hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The Hollywood actress might seem to have it all, but there is one thing she would change if she could: the sound of her voice.

In a recent panel of women in comedy held by The Hollywood Reporter, Kaley told fellow comediennes Zooey Deschanel and Mindy Kaling that “I hate the sound of my voice. I can hear it from a mile away — it’s nasally. Why do I talk like that? It freaks me out!”

Kaley quickly tried to comfort her, saying, “No one likes their own voice.”

But Kaley kept insisting that her own voice was “the most annoying one.”

“It’s hard for me to watch Big Bang,” Kaley said, “I TiVo it at home to support the show, but there are 37 episodes on there [I haven’t seen].”

Mindy said that she found The Big Bang Theory “comforting” and that her voice was not annoying.

Kaley’s friends really wanted to make her feel better, so Zooey added, “My voice has changed. When I started acting, it was really, really high.” Mindy quickly seconded that statement: “Mine, too.”

Kaley said they could “torture” themselves all day long with self-criticism.

Let’s hope these actresses aren’t too hard on themselves, because their serious talent is no laughing matter!

– Lauren Chiong, KZZO/Sacramento

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