Woman Has 100,000 Cockroaches – Says They Are Her Family

Most people hate cockroaches and would do just about anything to keep them out of their homes. But that is not the case for one woman. The South China Morning Post is reporting that Yuan Meixia in China shares her home with 100,000 cockroaches, which she considers her children.

She breeds them and raises them so she can sell them to a pharmaceutical company, which uses them for medicine.  She lives in separate home, but visits the breeding home everyday. She was inspired to start breeding them after she saw a program on television which talked about their potential healing properties.

The breeding house has silk nets instead of doors, and all holes have been cemented to ensure that no roaches escape. Yuan keeps the house at a set temperature with a gas stove during the winter and by putting water on the walls during the summer.

She feeds the adult roaches fruit and rice bran every night and the baby roaches a bag of glucose.

“Like children, they need sufficient nutrition,” said Yuan. She feeds them at 6 p.m. nightly.

“They are most active at night, mating and hunting for food,” said Yuan. “They mate with each other after eating. The mating process lasts for two hours, and then spawning happens. Every spawn hatches dozens of baby cockroaches.”

Even though she says they are like her children, after raising them, Yuan drowns them and dries them before she sells them to the pharmaceutical company.

According to UC Integrated Pest Management, there are six species of cockroaches in California that can become pests. One breed of cockroach found in California—the German cockroach—prefers indoor environments kept at temperatures of 70 to 75 degrees. What’s startling is that a female cockroach can lay around 30 eggs several times a month, which means nearly 30,000 cockroaches are breed in one year by one female. Talk about Fear Factor in your home!

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