Mother-Of-Two Drinks Air Freshener To Satisfy ‘Fresh Linen’ Cravings!

There are plenty of air fresheners and candles that smell good enough to eat… but most of us won’t actually EAT them…

According to Daily Mail, This is not the case for 27-year-old Evelyn, from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, who CONSUMES about 20 cans of air freshener a week!

‘There are only two ways I have it, straight of the can which has to be extremely cold, I make my tongue into a bowl so it will catch it. Or it has to go into a cup of crushed ice so I just spray it over the ice and eat it from there,” said Evelyn.

Evelyn said she discovered she liked the taste of air freshener when she accidentally got some on the rim of her drinking glass.

‘I was walking through my hallway after going to get a cup of crushed ice and one of those automatic sprayers sprayed as I walked past, it dusted the rim of my glass and it was a flavour I liked,’ she explained.

Evelyn has gone to doctors and knows she is facing an early grave if she doesn’t give up this deadly habit.

Read more HERE. 


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