The Most Hilarious, and Evil, Baby Shower Card Ever

Nothing says “welcome to parenthood” like a baby shower card that cries for 3 hours.

Yes, that’s correct, instead of playing a quick little lullaby when you open it, this greeting card cries for hours. It doesn’t stop when you close it. You can rip it up, it will still cry. Short of throwing it into a fire or smashing it with a brick, this crying card is indestructible.

Travis Peterson, one of the owners of Joker Greetings, told The Daily Mail he came up with the idea after experiencing incessant crying with his first child. “It strikes a very particular and personal nerve – and yet it is still funny.”

The cards will be available for purchase beginning in March from

So, if you get this sweet looking card at your shower… you might want to resist the urge to hit the Play button.

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