Mom Starts Petition to ‘Put Pants on Daniel Tiger’

Kim Petty, a mom in Derwood, Maryland, has had enough of Daniel Tiger and his father letting it all hang out on television. She just started a petition to get PBS Kids to put pants on Daniel Tiger.

My three year old son loves Daniel Tiger. To be honest, I’ve never really thought about the fact that he doesn’t wear pants, but this mom brings up some very good points.

“An important part of potty training is learning to pull down your pants and since Daniel doesn’t wear them, it’s confusing for a child to just see him hop on the potty and go.”

SheĀ also notes that while Daniel and his dad don’t wear pants, his mom and sister are always covered up down there.

“Women wear the pants in their family,” joked one mom in the local mom group.

When Daniel is in his pajamas, he wears pajama pants, so why doesn’t he wear pants on a regular basis?

As for the dad not wearing pants, “it’s just creepy.” Indeed it is, especially when they all go camping in a tent.

“I’m not a religious person, immature or trying to make a joke. I’m a confused parent watching a show that teaches good moral values… from a half-naked main character.”

So what do you think? Does PBS need to put pants on Daniel Tiger?

Sign the petition at

It’s just getting started but I have a feeling this is going to go viral… and you can say “I signed it first!”

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