Mother Chose To Give Birth In Woods

When Simone and her husband were deciding how to bring their 4th child into the world, they thought they would try a natural method. She had done hospital AND home birth in the past, but wanted to try it in nature this time. Simone is a therapist, and had watched a documentary before about a Russian woman who had given birth in the Black Sea. The family knew about this spot in the woods with a nice creek that they all love to visit, so they figured it would be the perfect spot.

Safety measures were thought of, there was a midwife and helicopter pilot on standby just in case some sort of emergency help was needed. Simone went into labor at about 11pm at the family’s friend’s house near the stream, and in the morning by 9, she and her family made their way down to the stream in the woods. Perouze was born around 11am after just a couple hours at the stream, and a 12 hour total labor time.

Part one of our conversation:

Part two of our conversation:

OB/GYN Idries Abdur-Rahman viewed the video and, while supporting the mom’s choice to “control” the birth, warns of the hazards. While water births are perfectly safe in controlled environments, the question is raised of what sort of bacteria may be in stream water, and not to mention the other risks one might come across in the woods or jungle (insects, animals, etc). Idries also cautions that there should have been a midwife present, and not just on standby. BUT, despite those cautions and recommendations, everything worked out wonderfully, and Simone has a beautiful, healthy baby. There were no bacterial infections, either. Everything is great!

Here’s the link to the story, which contains a 22-minute video of the birth. NOTE, it IS a child birth video, and it IS NOT censored in any way.

Simone has a website and blog, along with a page on Facebook for the Earth Birth method.


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