Kids Don’t Want To Be President Anymore

Except for that one kid. He still kinda wants it.

Remember when we were growing up and one of us or our peers always talked about “when I’m president one day…” When some elementary school kids were asked if they wanted to be president one day, their responses were, while well thought-out, a little evasive, and perhaps even lazy. Superficial, too.

One kid said she doesn’t want to be president because of “gray hair,” and that it was too much stress. Another said that if you say anything bad, it’ll be all over the internet, and that it could cause damage to their reputation.

In fact, about 65 percent of the kids who were interviewed said “no.”

Their opinions changed when the offer of a million dollars was placed on the table. “I would do it, but they’d have to give me the money at the same time, because it might be a scam.” Clever 4th grader.

Here’s some more on the story, but when did doing an important job like that become such an unwanted thing? Times have changed.

I wonder what they’d say if “astronaut” was an option.


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