Lindsay Lohan Was Just Fired By Her PR Manager

Hunter Frederick, he’s Lindsay Lohan’s PR manager. At least he was, as he’s just fired Lindsay.

It happened last week, after they had an argument about a news story that might print. I say “argument,” but apparently it was really a “screaming match.” He says that one day she would be happy and easy to deal with, and the next day nothing would be good enough and nothing would make her happy. 2 years working with her was enough.

Another source said “She’s going to have a really hard time finding a new publicist not only because she’s radioactive and no one wants to represent her, but the monthly retainer alone would render her bankrupt.”

Hopefully it’s not REALLY that bad, but she’ll likely need to find someone to stay current in the business. Good luck to her, but there’s no doubt she’s been a PR headache for the past couple years. More on the story here.


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