The Election Is Over, Now To Heal The Relationships

Many of us are on Facebook, and we had to watch our friends and family get into comment-fights and either hide or unfriend that person from their feeds, and (maybe) we did the same a couple times.

The Pew Research Center, they conduct various surveys and research projects, have determined that 1 in 5 of us have actually unfriended someone, or hid their political updates from our timeline feed. Another poll determined that about 7% of people have ended an actual friendship over political differences.

A psychologist has put together some tips and “dos and don’ts” for helping to mend – or just agree to disagree with – those friendships.

1 – Prepare. As in prepare to accept and be more tolerant of others’ opinions.
2 – Breathe. Breathing helps deal with anxiety and stress, and will help you keep calm before responding to someone’s opinions or comments.
3 – Understand. Someone’s political beliefs depend on many factors, and you considered all their other personality traits when you became their friend, so just understand that people have different beliefs.

A bunch of other tips are here, so get to mending. You’ve been their friend this whole time, right?


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