This Baby Said ‘Hello’ And She’s Only 7-Weeks-Old [VIDEO]

This proud mom couldn’t resist posting the video of her 7-week-old daughter saying “Hello”! Some people are saying they don’t hear it. Do YOU?

All of the adorable action starts about :48 seconds into the above video.

From Youtube:

“A video has captured the incredible moment a tiny baby clearly says ‘hello’ to her mum – at just SEVEN WEEKS old. The adorable clip shows little Evelyn listening intently as mum Sara Matthews, 26, repeats the word “hello” and asks, “Can you say hello?” At first, the tot scrunches up her lips and makes ordinary gargling noises. But Sara continues to repeat the question and again asks: “Can you say hello?””

Some people are saying it just the baby making noise while others say that they clearly hear her say “Hello”. What do YOU think?

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