Mom Caught On Tape Using Her Body To Shield Toddler Son From Dog Attack [VIDEO]

Scary surveillance video has hit the web showing a hero mom using her own body to protect her 2-year-old son from two dogs that were attacking him… posted the¬†surveillance video and in it, you can see the two dogs start to attack the 2-year-old while he was playing in the yard of their Anaheim, CA home. Seconds later his mom runs in, picks up the boy and runs to the front door of the house with him. She couldn’t find her keys to unlock the door, so she uses her own body to shield her son as the dogs continue to bite at her – for 5 minutes!

In the video, you can see the mom doing everything she can to protect her baby boy. She held him above her her head so that the dogs couldn’t reach him to bite him and at one point, she even laid on top of the toddler to protect him.



The article says that the little boy was “rushed to the hospital. He required cosmetic surgery on his face and also suffered cuts on his legs.” His mom “has cuts, bites and bruises all around her body as a result of the attack.”

The dogs were also reportedly taken into custody and one of them was put down because of the attack. Do YOU think their owner should face charges for what their dog did to this mom and son?


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