Kanye West Bails On Sacramento

Kanye West played a show in Sacramento on Saturday. Well, “played” is a generous word, because after 2 songs and a long rant, he bailed on the fans.

One of the first shows at the brand-new Golden 1 Center, Kanye West’s was pretty highly anticipated. Even if you don’t like his music, it’s pretty apparent that he has a huge fan base, and the crowd definitely showed up for his show. He showed up for his show, but just two songs into the show, and after a long-winded rant, he dropped the microphone and walked off stage.

Well, he was on his floating platform thing, but once that touched down, he was off.

Our mid-day host Cody was in attendance, and she got pretty much everything on camera. Fair warning, it’s full of profanity, so watch on mute/low levels or with your headphones if you’re at work/public:

But why the long anti-radio, anti-Beyonce, Facebook and Google – anti-a-bunch rant? And of course it got political too. People were cheering in the video, but as soon as he walked out, the anger started, and now people want their money back. Some of the tickets were approaching the $250+ mark per slip. 15 minutes, two songs and a rant on a floating platform, I’d definitely want my money back! Refunds ARE being given, at least some fans are saying they’re getting theirs, and apparently Ticketmaster is issuing “automatic refunds,” as reported by some customers. Check out some more here.

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