Justin Bieber Misplaced One Of His Cars

True story. Justin Bieber lost his Ferrari. Not because he was racing, or crashed, nothing like that. He seriously forgot where in Beverly Hills he parked it.

Justin has quite the collection of cars, it really seems that any young pop star does. From Ferraris to a Range Rover, Cadillac, Smart Car, it seems he has all the desirables. This story starts back to the purchase of one of his Ferraris. It’s a Ferrari 458, heavily customized with a body kit, and a bright blue color with a matte finish. He was heading out on the town to party with some friends, parked at the fancy Montage Hotel, which is a popular spot for many celebrities, and started his night.

Well, it turns out that he and his buddies got so “partied,” that he completely forgot most of the night, including where he parked. Seriously, he had no idea, and he assigned one of his personal assistants the task of tracking it down.

It took her THREE WEEKS to find this car. Not to make her sound bad or anything like that, she had absolutely no idea where to even begin searching for a bright blue Ferrari in LA, and working for Bieber has to be a tough gig in the first place. Three weeks to track this thing down. Staff at the hotel said she nearly burst into tears when she found it there. A comment from the hotel? They just “assumed” that Bieber left it there for his next stay. By the way, to keep a car at this hotel is $46 per day. His total bill would be near $1,000 for 3 weeks.

Oops. Check out more on the story here.

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