Holiday Meal Shopping At Neiman Marcus?

Wait – what? Neiman Marcus sells food?

Yep, they’re not just for clothing and accessories, apparently they offer food options for the holidays to “save on meal time prep.” Example: They offer collard greens for $66 dollars, plus a $15-something shipping fee. Oh yeah, it’s pricey food, we forgot to mention that. Collard greens are about $2.63 per pound on average at your regular grocery store. There’s actually a lot of uproar over those collard greens. #gentrifiedgreens is all over Twitter and Instagram, plus some criticism for how Neiman Marcus prepares them anyway.

It’s all cooked and frozen, ready for you to warm it up and have your family or friends over for dinner. They’ve got a whole bunch of other options too, like a “Wood-Smoked, Nitrate-Free Turkey” that will feed 16-18 people. That’s $86, plus $18 for shipping. That price actually doesn’t seem TOO high if it feeds that many people, that’s just over 6 bucks a person. But those collard greens.. Wow. For a roast beef tenderloin that can feed up to 12 people though, $280 plus a $32 shipping fee.

Anyway, who would have thought Neiman Marcus helps you cook for the holidays? One of those little-known things, I guess. Check out their “menu” here and a little more on the hashtag here. They even have desserts, like a cake for 18 people at $180 and 12 mini-donuts for 40 bucks. Plus shipping charges, of course. I don’t think they’ll deliver all the way to Sac from San Francisco though.

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