Selena Gomez Discusses Her Break From Spotlight

Back in August, after revealing that she was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, Selena Gomez decided she needed to take a break from Hollywood. Well, it seems like her break is over, and she gave us some details about her time away.

Selena says it was a “refreshing, calming, rejuvenating feeling” to take the time off. Well, she said that about not having her phone for those 3 months. Yep, during her break, she didn’t even use her phone. She says that only a few people knew how to get ahold of her. She took the time off to take care of herself, and spent time at a treatment facility in Tennessee receiving treatment and counseling for her anxiety, panic attacks and depression brought on and induced by her lupus diagnosis.

It sounds like she’s doing so much better now. 3 months disconnected must have really helped her refresh and regroup. Yay Selena! Check out more of the interview here.

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