Ice Cream For Breakfast Makes You Smarter

I can get behind this study.

A Japanese researcher, Yoshihiko Koga, who is also professor at a university in Tokyo, decided to do a little research on ice cream. Namely, how does ice cream for breakfast actually affect the brain. He got a group of people together to do a test with. Half he gave ice cream, and had them perform some simple brain-activity games on a computer after waking up in the morning. The other half did the same tests, but without ice cream.

The group that had ice cream seemed to be more alert, think faster, and were able to think about greater amounts of information fore quickly. The researchers even monitored brain activity and discovered that the brain was producing more “high frequency alpha waves, which is believed to be the brain’s way of being more alert and focussed.

Thinking that it was just cold food that was able to “wake” the people up and make them more prepared for the tests, researchers gave another group cold water. They did show higher levels of alertness than the group that had nothing, but the ice cream group was still much more alert and focussed.

Critics are saying it’s simply having breakfast that made the ice cream group better prepared, but I think I’ll believe the ice cream… Check out more on the study here.

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