Have YOU Seen A Dolphin Swimming In The Sacramento River?

Eyewitnesses are saying that they have spotted a dolphin swimming in the Sacramento River…

Fox40.com says that 2 different people have claimed to have spotted a dolphin swimming the Sacramento River recently. The eyewitnesses say that the dolphin appeared tangled in something but was still swimming. The last eyewitness claimed to have seen the dolphin swimming toward the Tower Bridge from the Delta King.

None of the eyewitnesses were able to catch the animal on camera but experts say that the it could potentially a bottlenose dolphin – but it’s more likely a porpoise that was spotted.

The article says that the Marine Mammal Center has reached out to the Golden Gate Cetacean Research and that they plan to have a crew out looking for the animal within a few days.

We hope they find it and it’s OK so it can be moved back home to the ocean! 🐬


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