Mountain Lion Kills Deer On Suburban San Francisco Front Porch [VIDEO]

A lady who lives in Hillsborough, CA (about 7 miles south of San Francisco), opened her door when she heard some commotion and saw a mountain lion killing a deer on her front porch. Her surveillance camera caught it on video… says that the woman heard a commotion early Wednesday morning and opened her front door to see what was going on and saw a mountain lion on her porch!

“She quickly slammed the door shut, looked through the peephole and saw a mountain lion that had apparently just killed a deer.”

The deer had apparently come to eat the woman’s roses and the mountain lion ambushed it on her front porch!

The woman and her roommate watched the big cat drag the deer away through a window but their surveillance camera caught the whole incident.


To see the mountain lion on video, CLICK HERE


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