Some Hatchimals Not Hatching After Christmas

Hatchimals were the hottest toy of the year for Christmas. They’re these eggs, and inside is a little electronic furry toy-creature (remember Furby? it’s similar). When the child opens the package, he or she has to take care of the egg for a short while, and then boom, the egg begins to hatch and out comes this little electronic creature. Well, it turns out that there are some spoiled eggs in the bunch, and some children’s Christmases were ruined because their Hatchimal never hatched.

Parents took to social media and the manufacturer’s Facebook page, and even criticising their lack of response. The company, however, has made extra effort to answer questions about the products, extending their hours, hiring extra customer support, and even making sure their phone system is tip-top and doesn’t drop callers from their spot in line. There’s even a video they released that helps and gives tips on how to properly care for Hatchimal.

Some parents even reported performing “c-sections” on the toy – actually breaking the egg open themselves and removing the creature from the shell. But they say it defeats the purpose of the toy, as it’s main appeal is that it hatches.

Did you or someone you know (Santa) give a Hatchimal to a loved-one this year? Are you having any issues with it? Check out more details here.

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