Woman’s Leg Amputated, Gets To Take It Home

Kristi Loyall complained of a numb pinky toe, so she went to the doctor. They couldn’t find anything really wrong, but the numbness continued. After many visits, and after the numbness spread to her entire lower leg, and started becoming painful too. It was then determined that she had cancer in her lower leg. The only solution at that point was amputation.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. When discussing amputation with her doctor, she asked if she could keep the leg after the fact. It turns out that it isn’t illegal for people to “own” a body part. There are laws and regulations that go into detail about that body part containing some sort of disease or becoming a biohazard, but an otherwise healthy body part is in the clear.

After the procedure, she got to take her leg home. It had to go through a pathology lab first to make sure all was well, but it’s her’s now. Well, it always was, really. Once it was preserved, she could pick it up. After it was back in her possession, she sent it to a company that cleans and sells skeletons, whether it be human or animal. Yes, these places really do exist, we’re surprised too, that it’s just that easy. Anyway, without being too graphic, they cleaned the flesh and tissues off the foot and lower leg, “wired” it to keep it all together, similar to the dinosaur bones at a museum, and sent it back to her.

What does she do with it now? She made an Instagram page (remember, it’s a REAL human foot in these pictures, but the page is found here), and travels around with it, posing it in her travel photos. It’s a rather unusual story, but we certainly admire the way she’s handling having a foot amputated. More on the story, including the various rules and regulations found here.

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