Botox Is Just As Addicting As Drugs

It’s being called a “crack-like” addiction. Women and men alike in recent years are turning to botox treatments to combat aging, and even “refreshing” earlier treatments. 10% of botox users are male now, by the way, coining the term “brotox.”

The desire for the botox is obvious – people are told that it will help prevent skin wrinkles forming, and keep a younger, tighter-looking face for longer. A gender studies professor, Dana Berkowitz says that botox doesn’t stop the wrinkles, it simply kills the muscles in the face. No emotions means no lines, but it fades after about 6 months. Users see the wrinkles and lines forming, and head back for more injections.

It’s marketed towards younger consumers on the basis of vanity. Keep a younger-looking you, more beautiful, etc, we’ve all seen the ads and what people say about it. One dermatologist that Dana spoke to even accused her of being “negligent” for not having it done. She even tried botox herself about 5 years ago as research, and admits that her most recent procedure was just 6 months ago.

Botox has even been described as a “gateway drug” into other cosmetic procedures, like lipo, plastic surgeries, enhancements, etc. Dana says that there is a need for better role models for young women, and that various celebrities’ open and public use of botox and other cosmetic procedures is a negative contributor to peoples’ self body image.

See more of Dana’s thoughts and research here. Have you had it done? Do you find it to be addicting?

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