Street Magician David Blaine Injured In Trick Gone Wrong

David Blaine, made famous by his street-performance magic tricks like being buried alive, frozen in ice for 63 hours, being electrocuted, drowned, basically all sorts of torturous stunts and performances, talked about the one that went wrong.

In his latest performance, filmed back in November but aired for the first time over the weekend, he fired a bullet from a rifle straight into his mouth. It sounds… Well, we know how it sounds. Inside his mouth he was holding a little metal cup and some shields that protected his gums and teeth. The bullet was supposed to enter the cup and remain contained.

He pulled the string that fires the gun. The sound of the gun filled the stage, and David Blaine’s face suddenly changed. There was an immediate ringing in his ears, and a pain in the back of his throat. He feared that the bullet went all the way through him. He thought he was about to drop dead.

It turns out that as the bullet entered the cup, the cup became dislodged from it’s location, breaking the shield that protected his mouth, and a piece of the shield is what hit the back of his throat. In the video, you can see his reaction, and then seconds later when he realizes he’s ok, his face changes.

He did have some cuts in the back of his throat, but he didn’t seem to be in much pain, and he was talking to his crew and thanked the audience for attending without much strain at all. I think his crew was more scared than him.

Check out the video just below, and some more details here from People.

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