Justin Bieber’s Neighbor Sues For More

Remember way back when Bieber got busted for tossing eggs at his neighbor’s house? That neighbor, Jeffrey Schwartz, sued for property damages and Bieber had to pay out almost $90 grand. Now, the neighbor is saying that Bieber continues to threaten, harass, and otherwise irritate him and his family, including “anti-semitic statements” and “obscenities” towards them, including a minor daughter.

Schwartz is now suing Bieber for 1 million dollars in a new lawsuit claiming the harassment and that Justin is a “bully,” and an overall nuisance.

The battles between these two have been going on for years, way back in 2013 when Bieber was driving too fast through the neighborhood and Jeffrey Schwartz told him to slow down. The egging incident, harassment and “bullying” allegations, claims that Bieber spat on him… Sounds like I wouldn’t want to live near their street at all. Check out more details on People.

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