A Social Media Break Is Good For You

Before the New Year, a sociology student in Denmark, Morten Tromholt, was curious about the absolute effects of social media on mental health. We’ve all heard that it stresses people out, makes them feel envious, or even feel like they’re not popular or “liked” as other people they see on social media, but Morten wanted to put some research and numbers into the project.

He, as part of his Master’s thesis, conducted a study, researching how a break for social media might put you in a better mood. He got a little over 1,000 participants to participate in his study, where they answer questions about social media, how it makes them feel, whether or not they feel “Facebook envy,” and also included question about life satisfaction. It was a “on a scale of 1 to 10” style questionnaire.

Some participants were asked to then stop using Facebook for a week, and the other remaining group was asked to keep on going with their typical social media habits. At the end of the week, the same questions were asked, and the results were tallied up. After compiling all the answers together, it turns out that, basically, the people who stopped using Facebook for the week had a higher level of happiness and life satisfaction than the group who continued usual social media habits.

Finally, there are some real results to the question whether or not social media has a negative effect on people’s mental and social health. Check out some more details of his study here on MinnPost, and the outline and theory of his study here.

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