What Happens To The Animals When Ringling Bros. Circus Closes?

Ringling Brothers is shutting down, so what will happen to the animals when it closes? Find out…

Thedenverchannel.com says that Ringling Brothers Circus has pledged to find all of its animals homes when it closes in May of this year. The animals will probably go to live in animal sanctuaries after the circus closes.

The article says that the “USDA normally works with sanctuaries to decide where the animals will go.”

The executive director of one of the sanctuaries that has taken in animals from Ringling Brothers in the past said that it sometimes takes the animals a while to get used to the sanctuaries:

“They were trained to perform for treats and other things – so the idea of working for their worth – and they get rewarded. For us to unwind all that, and teach them that they don’t have to work for food, they can just enjoy life.”


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