Dumb Things That Got Employees Fired

Here’s some Friday-Facepalm comedy for you, some managers were asked what their employees did to get fired. Not just simple stuff like damaging products or showing up late, but actual, dumb things that people either thought they’d get away with or just plain didn’t have any better judgement.

A guy called in sick (with a stroke, of all things), but he lived across the street from work and everyone knew it. The rest of the staff watched from the window as the guy packed up his truck with beach stuff and took off. He was fired.

A guy’s register was always missing $3.64. Every time he worked. One day they discovered that $3.64 is the exact total of lunch at Taco Bell. Fired.

One person’s, ahem, “internet usage habits,” contributed to the crashing of an entire system of computers that controls day-to-day operations of a property management program. Gone.

Theft of goods from the warehouse went mostly unknown until people who bought those goods from the employee started calling with warranty and service claims. Fired.

One woman used to lick the milkshake overflow off the sides of the cups before handing the shake to the customer. She genuinely had no idea that she shouldn’t do that.

These are all great, and there are a whole bunch more at People. Look around your own office and take some mental notes. It’ll help the time pass, anyway.

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