Man Caught Naked At Car Wash, Says Pants Ran Off

It happened in Florida.

A man was caught, completely naked, while at a car wash. Police were called around 5:40 one morning about the man, and when they arrived on scene, they found the man, exactly as described, with very loud music coming out of his car. Police asked him to put clothes on, to which the man responded about his clothes, and this is the best part – “they took off running by themselves without me.”

Oh yeah.

Police then told the man to sit down in his car (since, you know, he was naked), and that’s when the man grabbed a screwdriver and threatened officers.

Here’s the scene. It’s dark, it’s early, and a naked man is waving his screwdriver at officers who have asked him to remain seated in his vehicle.

Taser out. “Stay in your car!”
Man: *gets out of car*
Police: “We’ll tase you!”
Man: *no response*
Man: Ouch, that really hurt! (paraphrased)

The man is now charged with aggravated assault on an officer. He remains in jail.


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