Kim Kardashian’s Stolen Jewelry Melted Down

That is, at least, according to one of the suspects.

The alleged leader of the group that organized the attack and heist back in October, while being interrogated by French police, told investigators that everything, except for the engagement ring, was melted down. The ring that’s worth $4 million? “There is a person who has it … Everyone was afraid to sell, because it’s a stone that’s very easily spotted.” Well, yeah…

Police arrested 17 suspects trying to figure out who the ten were that organized the heist, and the man who gave them that information about the melting down, he’s in jail without bail.

He revealed that he was able to organize where she’d be, what she had with her, and how to go about their plan to rob her of everything, because she literally told the world what she was doing, when, and where, on social media. The thief says that she always talks about never wearing fake jewelry, revealed her plans, what she has on each day, basically a total inventory of her belongings.

The price they were able to get after melting everything down into gold bars was somewhere between $25,000 to $30,000. Doesn’t seem like much for a team of 10 people really, but don’t forget the $4 million ring they still have. Plus the diamonds out of those gold rings that are still somewhere.


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