Genius High School Student Turns Locker Into Vending Machine

This kid HAS to be a genius. He built a mini vending machine that actually works, and accepts change, into his unused locker at his high school. He sells sodas for $.75 a piece, and says he sells as many as 6 of them during every class change. That’s pretty awesome! He calls it “The Soda Locker.”

Here’s a video of his chemistry teacher demonstrating it.

He figured, since many schools are moving to e-books and devices rather than textbooks these days, lockers are largely useless, and many of them remain empty. He wanted some sort of use out of that space, and being into engineering and building things, he decided to go for it.

Unfortunately, his school made him shut it down because it violated some rules they have. He says he’s currently “working on reaching a deal” that will allow him to run the machine and simply donate the proceeds to a school program. Engineering, negotiating, selling – this kid has a bright future ahead of him for sure. Hopefully the school allows him to keep it running.

More details here.

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