Big Red Target Ball Rolls Into Car [VIDEO]

Know those massive, red balls that are in front of Target stores? Well, it turns out that they CAN come loose, and they ARE heavy.

A driver in New Jersey bumped into the massive spherical concrete sculptures while loading a new purchase, and that caused the ball to break free from its foundation and begin rolling into the parking lot. It rolled right into the side of Eileen Grady’s new car, so naturally she talked to Target about the incident, and the $3,500.00 repair bill she received from the apparently 2-ton ball, says Eileen.

She says that Target’s insurance company is refusing to pay for the damage the ball caused. Their argument is that they have no responsibility in the incident. Eileen says that the balls are in place to prevent cars from driving into the front of the store, and the fact that a slight bump from a truck sent it rolling across the parking lot is a big issue. She also cited a potential scenario of the ball rolling over a child or other person. Police were unable to identify the driver of the truck through video.

She says her next step will be small claims court to receive compensation for the damage the ball caused.


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