Joe Giudice Gets Prison Job

Joe Giudice from “Real Housewives of New Jersey” is in prison, serving a 41-month sentence in New Jersey. Remember, he was charged with tax evasion, bankruptcy fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy to commit mail fraud. Well, he and Teresa were both sent to prison, her for only 11 months, and they were allowed to offset their sentences so that there was always one parent with their 4 children. He’s on his sentence now, and got himself a prison job that pays him $100 per month.

Joe, in effort to pass the time, started working out at the prison gym. It was reported that he was sort of a loner, only having a couple guys to play cards with, but mostly keeps to himself. He’s lost some weight after working out at the gym, and now he works in the gym. That’s where his new gig is, it’s in the prison gym. I guess if you’re going to have a job in jail, and spend a lot of time at the gym, that’d be the one to have.

His wife Teresa says that he’s lost over 30 pounds and looks great. She and their children go to visit all the time, and she says she jokes that, while she’s excited for him to come home, that he can’t some home until he has abs. She says her own figure came from “prison yoga.”

Teresa was released after serving her term in December 2015, and Joe began his sentence in March 2016, set to be released a tad early in March 2019.


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