Love Your Pet More Than Your Spouse This Valentine’s Day?

You’re in the majority if you do, as 84% of people who own pets will show more affection to their pet over their partner or spouse.

Petcube, they make little cameras that allow you to check in on your furry pal, conducted a survey asking pet owners about pet Valentine’s Day, and how people spoil their little friends.

On top of 84% of pet owners being more affectionate to their pets, 54% plan to actually buy their pet a Valentine’s gift. In 2016, people spent $19.7 billion on Valentines presents, and $681 million of it went to our furbabies. 76% of people find a “romantic partner” more attractive if they like pets, 9% of people have broken up with someone over a pet, and 25%, that’s one-in-four people, have taken a pet on a date. Not just a walk down to the corner coffee shop, but a full-on date.

32% of people actually kiss their pets on the lips, and that’s when I stopped reading all the findings. You can check out much more right here. How do you spoil your pets on Valentine’s Day?

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