Are You Cheating With Netflix?

“Netflix Cheating” will probably be added to the dictionary next year, as it’s a very real thing in many relationships. 48% of relationships, actually.

What is Netflix Cheating? It’s when one person in the relationship watches ahead on a show that both parties have agreed to watch together. Say it’s a busy week, and you were late to the “Walking Dead” party, so you’re watching the past seasons on Netflix. You both were on Season 3 episode 4, but he couldn’t wait for you to come home, so he watched episode 5 and 6 without you. Netflix Cheating.

Now for some stats. 36% don’t confess to cheating (even though Netflix clearly shows you what episode it’s currently on). 63% of cheaters say they’d do it more if they knew they’d get away with it. Nearly half of the cheaters, 48% say they did it more than once. GROSS!

When are you most at-risk for being cheated on? It’s split pretty evenly, 23% of the time when you’re on a business trip, 27% of the time after you’ve fallen asleep, and 26% of the time when you’re at work, so there’s no well-defined moment when your partner thinks they have a better chance to cheat.

Some of the top shows to be concerned about your partner cheating on you with? “Orange in the New Black,” “House of Cards,” “Stranger Things,” as a few out of the top-5.

The reason? 69% say it’s just too good to stop. 22% of couples have actually gotten into verbal fights over cheating, and 14% feel like Netflix Cheating is worse than forgetting a date (birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, which is today, mind you).

Check out this convenient infographic (print it out, put the TV remote on top of it to drop a hint). More info behind the study available on Netflix.

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