Nick Cannon Quits America’s Got Talent

Nick Cannon has a couple different gigs (TV show host/musician/producer/comedian), one of which he announced that he’s quitting. He’s host of America’s Got Talent, and he said yesterday that he’s leaving the show.

This all started during one of his other gigs. He has a Showtime stand-up special, and he was telling a series of jokes, one of which raised eyebrows with his bosses at the AGT offices. His joke, they claim, breached his contract with America’s Got Talent in the fact that they say he spoke “disparaging” about them.

His joke? In a nutshell, Nick joked that he was “losing his black card” (in stronger terms) by hosting the show, considering the family-friendly nature of it. When he caught wind of talks to fire him, he went ahead and made the decision to quit.

He’s been host of the show for 8 seasons, always offering his back-stage banter and entertaining facial expressions as reaction to people trying out for the show. He left a pretty lengthy note about his decision, which you can read here, but it basically says that he disagrees with the fact they’re trying to censor him, and about “the system” coming down on him for what he says is “a joke about [his] own race” and even questioned if he wanted to be part of an industry that treats artists that way.

Check out all the details here, and the full note here.

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