Oroville Dam Situation, 02-14-17 9am

To bring you an update on the Oroville Dam emergency, crews are continuing to flow water out of the lake using the primary spillway, the concrete one that developed the sinkhole. They feel like the sinkhole on that ramp is no longer growing, so they can allow water to flow over it.

The work is all being done on the emergency spillway, the one that was eroding Sunday, which prompted evacuation of nearly 200,000 people from the area. Crews are lifting giant sacks of boulders and placing them onto the soil. The boulders will divert water flow, and will also take some of the energy of the crashing water away from the soil, which will hemp prevent further erosion. All this will allow the emergency spillway to last longer, should it be needed again before the end of our wet season, and into the summer when crews might be able to get a better look at everything and make any necessary repairs.

Some video, shot by the CHP, shows crews working on lifting the sacks of boulders into place.

Night vision, too.

Flood waters are still increasing though, as the outflow from the dam is still a bit more that some of the area can handle. Here’s a picture from Marysville, showing the cemetery under water.

Click here for the latest note from the Department of Water Resources.


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