Lottery Winner Sues Lottery, Says Winning Ruined Her Life

An odd title, but just stick with it, it sort of makes sense, in a “that does makes sense” kind of way.

She was just 17 when she won $1.25 million in the UK, and she says that winning that amount has ruined her life. In the suit, she lists things like being tired of shopping for designer clothes, wishing for regular vacations instead of the extravagant ones she’s been taking because they’re too “snooty,” she can’t find a genuine boyfriend who isn’t just after her money, and the list goes on. She says she wishes she didn’t have the money because it’s too stressful. She says that winning one-and-a-quarter million dollars has made her life “10-times worse.”

She’s suing the UK’s National Lottery, saying that the legal age to win of 16 is just too young, and that young people don’t know what having a ton of cash really means. She says it should be 18 at least, citing being too irresponsible to handle the jackpot at a younger age. So she’s not suing for more money, she’s suing to get the minimum age increased, and that sort of makes sense, really, as in she has good intentions of the lawsuit. Where do you stand on the idea?

As of 18 hours ago (from the time of this writing), she was happily posting some new luxury goods on her Instagram page.

Check out more here.

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